seo factory outlet

The Global Surf Industries surfboard warehouse has a large selection of full priced and discounted surfboards for sale in store and online.

Discount Surfboards

Our surfboard factory outlet offers discounted prices on a variety of surfboards and SUPs, including superseded models, ex-demos, prototypes, samples, factory seconds (with cosmetic blemishes), and refurbished boards.

Surfboard brand outlet

Our surfboard warehouse carries the full range of Global Surf Industries' brands including Salt Gypsy, The Critical Slide Society, 7S, Modern Surfboards, Creative Army Surfboards and more. We cater to surfers of all levels from beginner to experienced surfers.

Come into our Brookvale surfboard warehouse in person or shop online. We are here to help you find a great surfboard at a cheaper price. For help choosing a board to suit your style, reach out and contact us through our website, email us at, or call us on 1300 857 791.