Company Profile

Our purpose every day is to enrich peopleโ€™s lives through surfing.

Global Surf Industries runs on a philosophy of inclusiveness, we believe that no matter what type of board you ride, no matter what age, sex or gender you are, that your life is significantly enhanced because you are enjoying being in the water. We have built our whole company on this philosophy and we all subscribe to it fully.

Global Surf Industries (GSI) operates from its world headquarters in Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Our wholly-owned distribution operations in Australia, New Zealand and the USA are supported by a large network of distribution specialists in various other countries.

GSI was founded in June 2002 and has a portfolio of some of the most well known brands in the Surf and Stand Up Paddle Industry. We remain very deliberate and strategic in our brand and model selection that focuses on the beginner to intermediate participant. Each board should help you improve your performance and increase your enjoyment of each session.


Life is better when you surfยฎ

This is our company mantra; it incorporates everything that we appreciate about our life and the industry that we love to work in. We only manufacture and sell surfboards and we only market to surfers or people who want to become surfers. We know what a difference surfing has made in our lives and love to share this.

We are passionate about our business

We love what we do, we love our brands and our business, we love the lives that we live and we are passionate about our relationships with our customers who help us reach the end users of our products, the surfers and paddlers of the world.ย 

We are easy to do business with.

One of our long-term goals is to have the biggest, smallest company possible. To make this a reality we have to keep all the procedures and dealings we have with our customers simple and easy to manage. Business should be done with the least amount of fuss to achieve the best results and ensure people enjoy dealing with us.

We operative with an inclusive mindset.

We have a belief that surfing is for everyone, it isn't just about the elite competitors, for us it is about everyone under them. The recreational surfers who surf for the love of it. As they say in Hawaii - we share the aloha spirit. We give back to people less fortunate and help them to understand what surfing can bring to their lives.

We always act in a professional manner.

This business is our livelihood, our approach to it and our approach to the way we run it must be to the best of our ability. Working in a proactive professional manner is the only way we can run the business so that our customers and consumers have faith that we will be there for them when they need us. We will always act in accordance with being a leader and role model company in our chosen field.