Trident SUP Paddles


Trident is forging a reputation for producing the most durable and high performing stand up paddles available anywhere in the world. From cruising in flat water, to full-throttle sessions in the surf and open ocean; Trident paddles are meticulously designed to deliver a smooth comfortable stroke with maximum forward acceleration.
Our adjustable Trident Paddles feature the convenient LeverLock® system that allows you to adjust the height of your paddle in seconds. From the first time paddler through to the most accomplished racer, Trident paddles come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your body type, paddling style and ability, as well as your budget.

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Trident Paddles: Unleash the Power of the Ocean

Trident Paddles have revolutionized the world of stand-up paddleboarding. Our Trident adjustable SUP Paddle lineup combines cutting-edge technology with sleek designs to deliver unmatched quality and performance on the water. 

Here at Global Surf Industries, we bring you the ultimate collection of Trident SUP Paddle Boards for all your surfing adventures. Whether you're a seasoned supper or new to the sport, our Trident Paddles are designed to enhance your experience and elevate your skills with each session. 

Discover Our Trident Boards

At Global Surf Industries, we offer an extensive selection of Trident SUP Paddles to suit every skill level and preference. Each design is crafted with precision and care, ensuring that you have the ultimate tool to conquer the waves. 

Our collection caters to every type of stand-up paddleboard enthusiast. Designed with versatility in mind, here's a glimpse of what you can expect from our collection:

  • Trident Adjustable SUP Paddles: Our Trident Adjustable SUP Paddles allow you to customize your paddle's length and angle, so you can find the perfect fit for your unique paddling style. They’re lightweight yet durable, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Perfect for beginners and intermediate paddlers.
  • Trident Pro & Elite Carbon Lever Lock: For the more experienced paddlers, our Pro & Elite ranges offer SUPs built for exceptional power output and increased responsiveness. These are perfect for those looking to push their limits and explore further on the open ocean.

 Experience the thrill of gliding through the water on one of our SUPs, designed for ease of control, stability, and maneuverability. 

Why Choose Trident SUP Paddle Boards?

With a focus on performance, innovation, and durability, Trident Paddles provide the best in SUP paddle technology. Here's why our customers trust us to deliver the best stand-up paddleboarding experience:

  • Expert Craftsmanship: Each is meticulously designed and crafted by industry experts, ensuring top-quality construction and performance.
  • Advanced Materials: They’re made with premium materials, including carbon fiber, fiberglass, and high-density foam, resulting in a lightweight yet durable product.
  • Innovative Design: We consistently push the boundaries of SUP design, incorporating cutting-edge technology and features.
  • Unrivaled Performance: Our paddles are designed to excel in various conditions, providing you with a versatile and high-performance SUP experience. 

Get Started Today

Explore our SUP collection and find the perfect match for your style and skill level. Experience the difference that a Trident can make in your paddleboarding adventures. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts if you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right board for you. At Global Surf Industries, we're committed to providing you with the ultimate SUP experience. Dive into the world of Trident SUP Paddles today and ride the waves like never before.