Modern surfboards


The Modern brand welcomes all surfers and encourages participation and fun. To put it simply, We Love Surfing®. Each model in the Modern range represents a different way to surf, and focuses on novice-to-intermediate surfers wanting an affordable board that'll not only progress their skills, but maximise their stoke time.

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Modern Surfboards

Welcome to the world of Modern Surfboards, where every surfer, regardless of skill level, is invited to enjoy and engage with the waves. Designed here at Global Surf Industries Australia, these boards are the ideal entry point for anyone interested in surfing. After all, Life Is Better When You Surf®.

Whether you're just starting out as a beginner or you are looking to enhance your surfing skill level, our selection of Modern surfboards for sale has something for everyone. Each model caters to the novice-to-intermediate surfer, offering affordability without sacrificing the quality needed to improve your surfing and maximize your enjoyment and time in the water.

Explore our extensive selection of Modern longboards and shortboards today and prepare to do some serious wave riding.

Our Modern Longboards

If you're new to surfing and uncertain about which board to choose, our range of Modern surfboards is a fantastic place to start. Our collection features a variety of boards suitable for beginners to seasoned surfers, all available in our online surf shop.

Here are some of our standout models:

  • Falcon: This funboard is ideal for beginners and intermediates alike, this board only gets better as your skills improve. It offers stability and buoyancy, ensuring lots of fun on the water.
  • Golden Rule: Designed as an easy-to-ride longboard, the Golden Rule is perfect for newby surfers or those looking to hone their longboarding skills. This desing focuses on stability, control, and smooth turning..
  • Highline 2.0: The Highline 2.0 is an excellent step up from a foamie to a hardboard, designed to provide as much support as possible to beginners, fostering skill development and confidence. It's buoyant, stable, and makes paddling through surf a breeze.
  • Retro: Our Retro longboard modernizes the classic single-fin setup, optimized for quick paddling and maintaining speed. Its width ensures a stable and solid foundation.
  • Love Child: This versatile board combines the features of a longboard and a shortboard, offering ample surface area at the front and a tapered, agile tail. It's like two boards in one!

Our dedicated team of experienced surfers is always ready to offer advice and share their passion. Don't hesitate to contact us for personalized guidance.

Explore Our Wide Range of Modern Surfboard Accessories

At Global Surf Industries Australia, we're committed to making surfing accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their skill level. We live and breathe surfing because we believe that Life is Better When You Surf®. Our inventory includes top-quality boards and brands, alongside essential accessories like fins and paddles. Browse our collection today.

For more advice or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at or call 1300 857 791 today.